What is wrong with the world!!??

Whatever happened to the days that food was real food? And our children could play safely on the streets? Whatever happened to the days where mankind was grateful to live off the land, and executed the meaning of hard work? Whatever happened to the days where families prayed together, ate together and worked together?

I’m looking at the world 16 years post-millennium and….I am disturbed. We are only four years away from 2020, 2 decades after the millennium – and I am concerned about the events to come between now and then.

Both the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an make statements suggesting when the world has become in a poor state, you should see this, this and this. Both refer to children disowning and disrespecting their elders and parents, along with not being able to identify man from woman. Both also discuss about man’s poor choice in leaders, and how this will lead to our end of time. Theorists would say all of this could escalate up to a world war three, others would argue that we the people  ARE the war. It probably would be hard to debate against this theory – given current events.

Donald Trump, also known as bigot, perverted asshole, is gaining a lot of attention through his presidential campaign. The reactions are both good and bad. Reason being is, though he may be arrogant and unpleasant – he holds power, acts fearless and knows how to be the center of attention, as an accredited business man. With these qualities, he has resources to reach out to a wide variety of people, to get them on his side. I recently went on a date with a business man, who explained to me he looks up to Donald Trump and stated he has a lot of good business motives. I was very disturbed by this. Especially since he is a young, Middle Eastern man, trying to establish a business and deal with aged, ill parents – and he’s going to applaud Donald Trump???

Along with that tidbit right there, I can first and foremost say that Donald Trump has had nothing nice to say about the Middle East. Put it this way: Bell Canada began a campaign to lower the stigma behind mental illness, Donald Trump is campaigning to heighten the stereotypes of the Middle East! He wants everyone to believe that every Middle Easterner can’t be trusted, they are unstable, they are terrorists, and don’t belong in our society.

I have quite a few Middle Eastern acquaintances, and I’ve gone to school with quite a few Middle Easterners. Some have never been to the Middle East, they are as much Canadian as me or the next person! Others have chosen Canada as their home, and they bring with them a warm kindness and the absolute diversity that Canada is known for. Donald Trump has such a hardened heart and is so sure about his shit, that he is trying to manipulate intelligent, young women like myself into hating marginalized groups of people.

He stood at a podium and publicly mocked a news reporter with a disability – that’s disgraceful. Years ago, there were desperate, self-contained institutions for the disabled. Life can be challenging for individuals that are disabled, but I can’t imagine the greater challenge and depression that came from being shoved in a room, not tested to one’s full ability. If someone was mentally challenged and/or had an intellectual disability, they were boxed out from society – there was the ‘norm’ and then the ‘freaks’…everyone that did not fit into the ‘norm’. Our society has tremendously progressed, allowing every child and every human to thrive, as much as they can as an individual. I am part of a team prospering valuable education everyday for children who have intellectual and physically disabilities, and mental illnesses. Observing the progress of a particular student of mine, I’ve seen incredible progress in reading comprehension – and I am so proud! Everyone has a God-given potential, at their own pace and own level, and that’s the beauty of it. People who are supporting Donald Trump are supporting an act to revert back to small-minded ways. I have no knowing of this – but I am pretty damn sure that Donald Trump is a man that supports these individuals being locked away, or isolated.

Donald Trump is all about making a scene, attracting attention – but never saying anything useful. He says the same spiral of bullshit over and over again at each stand at the podium. Among his belittling and disgust for any sense of diversity in our world – where has he mentioned anything beneficial? People really should be asking: Will Donald Trump establish valuable healthcare, for all incomes and classes? What respect does Donald Trump have for women? Will he work hard to improve a country that pays less than what the things within it cost? Will he address gang violence? Will he provide resources to all schools equally? Will he make tourism a priority, and allow quiet states and towns to prosper?

There are so many questions, eh? So many questions that this asshole is brushing over. One real question to ask is: Who does Donald Trump model???

Let’s look at Hitler, or King Herod. These are individuals who gained their status of power and increase of wealth through racism and the impression of another race.This is what is to come, if Donald Trump gets in the white house.

Donald Trump has a lot of black, white and diverse mix of supporters – which really blows my mind. They must not realize the storm that is about to come due to their poor choice in action. Instead of saying he’s going to ‘Make America Great Again’, it should be known he’s going to ‘Make America a War-Zone’.

And instead of ‘London Has Fallen’, it’ll be America has fallen – because let’s face it, America has fallen into the sweaty, fat hands of a poor leader. Let’s hope and pray it’s not so, and be mighty prepared if it is.

Originally Printed: March.13th, 2016

Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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