On My Christmas Shelf

You may ask, What is a ‘Christmas Shelf?’ It a basic shelf decked out with lights and Christmas decor. It is filled with Christmas bliss, from music to movies, to pictures – it just screams Christmas.

Upon my own Christmas shelf, I have movies, books and CDs that I like to pay extra close attention to this time of the year. There is a Mickey Mouse figurine ringing Christmas bells, and a giant Christmas penguin. I will share some of the specific films and features I think everyone could benefit from this holiday season! Here on my shelf is:

The Polar Express – Hop aboard a magical ride to the North Pole!

Why I love it:

I find the Polar Express to be a magical whirlwind of a movie – and extremely creepy at the same time! Haha, maybe that’s why I like it. Nonetheless, the animation is tremendous, the hot chocolate song and dance is a great feature. The awkward movements of certain characters make it all the more interesting, and Tom Thanks gives amazing voice and gusto into the conductor character. The newspaper front page is a real newspaper from the 1960’s – I like the fact they’ve aimed to make this movie as real and life-like as much as possible, with added magic!

Chicken Soup for The Soul (Any Christmas Edition) – Features poems, stories and heartwarming tales revolving around Christmas.

Why I love it:

These books give a spark of Christmas cheer at the turn of every page, while bringing the reader tears of joy, feeling of hope, sadness and relief. Stories of illness and faith, poems of Santa’s reindeer, and tales of families reuniting for the holidays – this truly is a reader to warm anyone’s heart for the season. Another great thing is the fact you can chuck it down, and pick it up, and do that again and again – since it’s composed of short stories.

Celtic Thunder Christmas Album – Featuring traditional Christmas songs with a Celtic touch

Why I love it:

Listening to Celtic, Scottish and Irish music makes me think of home- and there is nothing more beautiful sounding. The Christmas mix of this music gets me even more emotional, I dream to see a Celtic Thunder Christmas performance someday. Be sure to give them a listen, and for an enhanced experience, watch some of their live videos via YouTube.

Gremlins – The classic film that made every child desire a Furby!

Why I love it:

This is a Christmas movie I watch multiple times throughout the holiday season. I’ve watched in both English and French numerous times – it is excellent in both languages. I love it for Gizmo is too darn cute! I love the story, and the eccentric inventor father, and how the ‘evil’ gremlins come about! And I love that in the midst of all of that, they’ve managed to tie in Christmas quite beautifully. From the mother decorating ginger bread men, to the talk of depression around the holidays, to the town decorations – there is no doubt it’s Christmastime in this movie!

The Book of Holiday Awesome – A spin off of the original ‘The Book of Awesome’

Why I love it:

This Holiday book is written in the same witty, simple style as the original ‘The Book of Awesome’. I own ‘The Book of Awesome’ as well, and have read it and laughed a great deal – and I am proud to be a reader and supporter of these books, that began from the 1000 awesome things blog. If you are unaware of how the blog began, take a moment to research and find out please. These books are awesome because they show a glimmer of positivity at the turn of each page, in the worse of times. When I sit back and think about how difficult it is for someone to deal with mental illness, and the courage it must have taken to write one positive thing each day – it does me good. So the holiday edition is all this and more, but with a holiday twist!

New Year’s Eve – It’s not often we watch holiday movies that focus more on New Year’s Eve than Christmas!

Why I love it:

This collaboration of a musical, comical and an overall stellar cast is fantastic – it includes, Jessica Biel, Leah Michele, Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Hillary Swank, and many more! I love this movie because it shows so many deep and personal stories, and then it shows how they are all interconnected. One thing I also love about this movie is the relationship and connection between Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer. They are two people that were destined to stumble upon each other to bring holiday cheer to each other. The journey of these two characters from the time they meet to their dancing scene at the end is beautiful. This is just an example of one phenomenonal connection within this movie, there are endless ones.

There are so many tales, tracks and traditional films for the holidays – dig out the ones you most enjoy, and make your very own Christmas shelf!


Merry Christmas to You All! And All The Best for 2017!


Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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