How I believe in Woman Liberation

There is nothing better than witnessing women who are working together – and standing by each other for a common purpose. Women today (in 2017) should be liberated in business, marriage, motherhood, medicine and all quarters of our life.  Women should be the fuel for a fire of liberation in all these areas, and cross paths to eliminate division amongst us.

We, as blonde haired, green eyed, nurses, surgeons, teachers and grandmothers need to be building each other up to succeed for all women as a whole. See, as women, we are some of the most wonderful, intelligent and mysterious creatures – that of whom need to build each other up to exemplify and shine our full potential. Many women who have made history have gone un-noticed, climbed hurdles to get where they are, and they’ve had to fight for equality – equality for education, treatment, marital rights, compensation, career progression, etc. These are the exact things that for hundreds of years, we’ve had a backbone of women fighting, attempting to fix a system that places women as weaker, incapable, and poor leaders. This is a working progress, we are still at it. But why do we appreciate the history of women’s rights, and the attempt to be a part of positive change if we can’t appreciate one another? 

Why do women do this? Or say they believe in each other if they hate each other? Why are women jealous and judgemental of each other? Why are women hurting each other in a world that was built up to be better for us?! There is no correct explanation. A woman should not judge another if she wants to stay home with her kids, or chooses not to have children, has a mental illness, is a new Canadian citizen or poorer than her. She should not judge a woman that stays with her cheating husband, gets an abortion, works above her or chooses a different path of faith than her. So, tell me why is it women are so quick to judge her friend based on the pacifier and bottles she gives to her baby. Tell me why she is so quick to trash talk after meeting a couple of lesbians or fat girls. Why does she rage with jealousy when meeting her doctor and lawyer friends? Why do they talk down to her? Why do they often exclude her because she has a scarf covering her hair? And why is another woman angry with the woman promoted above her? Why do women do this to eachother?

It doesn’t take a lot to tell another woman how fabulous she is, how beautiful she is or how much you admire her for her strength, perseverance, and success. If we truly want the success of women’s rights and accomplishments heard, continuing to move forward for women world wide – it starts here, and it starts with where you are and the women around you. Divided, we are the female species. United, we are empowered women of the world.


©Leah Finlay, October, 2017 – All rights to Leah Finlay, the blog of thinking out loud, permission required for copying.


Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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