As a Woman

As a woman

I try to encourage, support

and learn from

other women

Women of power, prestige

Women of colour, success

Women with attitude, gusto

and guts

to stick it to a world that has

oppressed women, made us lesser than

a species so different than our own


As a woman

I try to enlighten myself

build and share confidence

with other women

so they too can pass it on

to women that work

women of trades

women with any sort of formal education

women who mother with all their might

and stay up all night

doing all this

in proof that

a woman can.


As a woman

I teach young girls

on a daily basis

that they are undeniably amazing

and they can

play sports

musical instruments

run track

and whatever their

beating hearts desire

for they are girls



young women

of our very own world


As a woman,

I take time for myself

I remind myself of

the remarkable

creation of God

that I am

I smile at what I do

and all I have achieved

I am proud to be

a woman

a sister


and daughter

that believes in myself

and all I know

and I lean on

other remarkable women

for what I don’t know

For their delight

may be mine

and mine theirs

as a woman

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