Self-Isolation Day 1: Goal Setting for Isolation

I revert back to day one of self-isolating, because I went out somewhere, due to work. Yesterday, I received notification that I will need to go to my school I work at, and collect all things from my office that I will require to work from home with. So, I covered everything, arms, hair and all, and drove to my usual place of work. As I drove in the parking lot, I saw staff in the parking lot with coffee cups in their hands, spaced out a good six or eight feet from one another having conversations. I unlocked the side/back door and went in through there, and attempted to get in and out.

As I walked in, flicked on the lights in the classroom, I saw all the St. Patrick’s Day artwork, and pictures of women for Women’s History month. The white board had ‘Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ written across it. The toys, games and books were sitting quietly on the shelf, untouched. As I made my way to my office, I did stop and look around the room with a heavy sigh. This is a sad situation that we have all come to face, and it became even more sadder as I took an extra large Marshall’s bag and put everything I possibly could in it. I looked at some things and placed them in the bag, questioning so, but decided to pack it assuming I wouldn’t be back for not just weeks, but months at this point.

It is important people are taking this all seriously, and sadly there are many not taking the statistics and facts right in their own country or community seriously. It is unfortunate we have individuals that are hardheaded and going to be the cause of further infection and/or spreading the virus to at-risk individuals. I know many have not accepted this crisis our world is in, they may be in denial that it is happening. But this is happening all around the world and it is a sad, sad thing!

One thing I will say, if you can stay your butt home, please do so, refrain from leaving your home and yard; most places as it is have parks shut down, so just relax, work and play in your backyard and within your home. Now that I am geared up to work from home, this is most certainly what I am going to be doing! This is a challenge, and I get that, but it has been encouraging seeing numerous people take up new crafts and hobbies to curb the sadness of this situation (and isolation). I think exploring new horizons and learning new skills at home is a brilliant way to keep the mind sharp and also healthy while in isolation. Many people already have, or eventually will struggle with self-isolating even if it’s with other people in their home, and this can become mentally straining, and add to the anxiety that most already have from navigating through ‘everything COVID-19’.

Goal setting is a great way to not only motivate yourself but ensure you are keeping yourself mentally stimulated while in isolation as you can track your goals. Being isolated, and many having anxiety already due to the whole situation, I’d be very careful not too make your goals too extravagant. You want your goals to be routine but reachable. Your tasking for working toward your goals could be a part of a daily routine or schedule; many individuals, whether child or adult have become quite accustomed to a daily schedule while in isolation, which can be a really great resource!

Some suggestions of how to figure out some goals are to look at your goals from a body, mind, spirit, soul kind of perspective, but on a greater scale. You can ask yourself things like, what can you do for your body in self isolation? Perhaps there’s a yoga routine you can strive to stick to, or televised fitness program you’ve always wanted to try. Perhaps you make it a goal to give up or take in less junk food while in isolation. You can ask yourself if there is a new skill you want to learn, or perhaps an existing skill you’d like to improve on. You may choose to feed your mind by reading and/or studying, and you could set a time of the day or desired amount of time you want to dedicate to that. You may want to reflect on your personal, spiritual or religious beliefs, and give thanks for your safety during this time. Depending on your beliefs, you may choose to make it a goal to pray more daily, or perhaps have a special Sunday devotion, since most churches are closed at the moment. You could make it a fun goal to try a new recipe each week with what you already have on hand, or perhaps write a new song daily based on your situation.

I think that should explain it, how to set goals that feed into benefitting your body in various ways and your mind and all it’s mental well-being. And it should have been clear also how to set goals to lift your spirit, and feed your soul with ‘making’ and doing the hobbies and activities you love most.

You could draw out on a piece of paper:





Except on your paper, space them out more, and write in a goal for each, and remember, be kind to yourself and make it obtainable.

I am hoping this will send some positive vibes and help some people remain motivated and in good spirits while in self-isolation, for we all need a little bit of extra love these days. We are seeing sad times in our world, and I know it’s difficult but try so hard not to dwell on the sad and negative, and set these goals to keep you going!

Set them, go get them, and achieve them!

Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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