Self-Isolation Day 2: Appreciating Those Oh So Good TV Moments

Coronation Street: The moment when Roy Cropper stands up and defends his niece…

This moment was very heartfelt, and stirred up old emotions of a young Roy Cropper who had been bullied. The lack of acceptance for his niece dug even deeper as Roy’s late wife Hayley was trans-gender, and was often judged and poorly treatment for being so. There was a clear message about prejudice in that scene, and I love that Brian sided with Roy as a friend, opting out of the bat society.

New Amsterdam: The moment where Max introduces his ‘Go Fund Them’ page…

Most people that tune into New Amsterdam can truly appreciate and adore Max’s character, and what he has overcome, from his cancer to losing his wife. Max’s medical director role from day one has always been executed with the ‘people’s’ best interest first, and he has gone about this in unconventional ways, risky ways – but that is why many people are drawn to his character and the way he practices medicine. His coined term of a question is, ‘How can I help?’ Seeing the videos of all the humans that got to live because of this attitude, and page to further fund future patients is quite eye opening, and beautiful, and it reminds me to appreciate living in a place that medical needs are typically coverered. A person’s health should not be dependant on a payment, and it’s sad that unfortunately this is the reality of many countries and cities.

9-11: The moment where Christopher got to skateboard!…

Eddy’s role as a father is incredible in this show, and he is being tested as his son, Christopher is getting older, and going to experience greater challenges because of his cerebal palsy. I love the way he cares for his son, and tries to allow him to do anything, and his reality of that judgement was tainted a bit when Christopher fell down and hurt himself on a skateboard. He explained to his son that it is important for him to try new things, but asked they do it together, and explained that some things may be a little harder for him, but that just means he has to try again. I really value that Eddy put the emphasis on trying again, rather than labeling limitations, because this attitude means everything and will positively stick with Christopher for life. I’ve worked with numerous families with special needs children and it’s sad to see when the parents do not invest a time of practice, and quickly jump to the child’s limitations. Sometimes all that is needed is modifications, just like at this end of this episode (fools) when Christopher got to skateboard in his own style!

God Friended Me: The moment Miles confronts his sister Ali about playing hooky…

I loved everything about that brother and sister moment and conversation. As someone that has many siblings, I really saw the value of that moment and how Ali needed that after just recieving bad news about her tumour.

Miles said, ‘You wanna talk about it?’

Ali replied, ‘No.’ 

Miles suggested, ‘You know what you need? A day off…’

Miles said, ‘You can call in sick.’ 

Ali replied, ‘I can tell them I have cancer.’

And they both kind of smirked and grinned after Ali said that, it was much needed humour and a beautiful moment shared between a brother and sister.

Grey’s Anatomy: The moment where Grey announces that once a month they will be doing pro bono surgery day…

This goes back to what I just said about appreciating the fact I live in a place that I can go and get a procedure done and I don’t have to sell my limb, or house or car in fear of being in debt from an operation. Those of you who are fans of this show know that this is something Meredith Grey feels strongly about too, as we have all seen her whole lawsuit and aftermath, after putting her own daughter’s name on a young patient’s operation. And I love the fact that the new Dr. Cormac Hayes said that he would have done the same thing, and that it’s sad they live in a system where that is even a question or consideration.

Station 19: The many moments of Vic and Dean taking care of an older gentleman with Alzheimer’s…

Anyone that has been affected by this disease in their family I am sure can appreciate how beautifully written this episode was. It showed Vic and Dean caring for this older gentleman who had wandered into the fire station demanding to speak to the chief. They ended up pretending that Dean was the chief, and shortly figured out the man had Alzheimer’s. The man’s humour was appreciated, and he commended Dean on being a fire chief of colour, and had himself a rather good day at the fire station. I also really appreciated the fact they showed us a bit of Vic’s history and her dealings with her own grandparent with Alzheimer’s.

Council of Dads: The moment where the wife told him she got the kids a dog…

She said to him, ‘The kids say hi, they’re doing great, they were a little bit worried about the surgery so I got them a dog…yay!’

His facial expression is priceless and it’s even funnier when the doctor says, ‘I think you killed him.’

Now, confession, I actually only watched this brand new series up until this scene, because it was grasping and good right away- so I turned it off so I could watch it with a family member of mine.

So, there you have it, some of our television moments that tug at our heart strings!

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