Self-Isolation Day 5, 6 & 7: Exercising Faith, Part 2

Day after day, an empty bus drives past my house; of course this bus contains one person, that of whom is the driver. On the odd occasion, there is one other person on this bus. It’s strange. 

Our schools are dark and empty, hallways eerie and barren, there are not even any children scattered about the playgrounds. It’s like a scene out of The Walking Dead. 

Police and Military are disciplining and arresting people not abiding by public distancing rules; some cities and countries are exercising precaution and issuing fines, while others are physically beating the civilians. 

If you take a good hard look at the world right now, it’s both mind-blowingly sad, and bizarre what it has come to. And because of this, there will be numerous people that will just give up. They say with their words and actions:

Let’s give up on hope.

Let’s give up on faith. 

Let’s stop trying.

I give up. 

They give up on themselves, they lose motivation to fight the battles through this time, they stop caring, and become apathetic, and problematic to disease control, rule following and social distancing. 

One of my favourite holiday films, The Santa Clause, quotes that seeing is not believing, that in fact, believing is seeing.

We can’t give up, we can not lose this fight. We can’t lose faith, we must believe that it’s going to get better, it will get better and we will be there to see that. We must surround ourselves with positive affirmations such as these, because nobody said giving up was an option. 

Canada, the true north, strong and free, you better remember that – we  don’t give up, we are the true north, strong and free. We must exercise faith, because with faith will come that strength and sense of freedom in our minds, easing much of this anxiety and uncertainty most of us are facing. We live in the north, we are the north, but we must demonstrate that we are the ‘strong and free’ as well. 

And it won’t be easy, don’t get me wrong, I understand that not only is it a boring and depressing time, it’s scary as well, and you never know who are the good and the bad people are, and who is sincerely helping and who is out to get others.  It’s sad that we’ve come to a time in the world where this has happened and safety, persecution and harassment are among many of the hurdles we face. These are hurdles that we may fear, but keep in mind exercising faith can control that fear. 

A family member of mine discovered that his parents had been using tissues as toilet paper for weeks, and apparently they didn’t know anything about the shortage. Neither of the parents pay much attention to social media and I am not sure how closely they watch the news, but either way, English is not their first language. They knew to stay at home and self isolate, but sadly they did not realize quite the extent of supply shortages. So when their son discovered this, he called an Ontario Wal-Mart to ensure they had some, and explained he’d be right along to pick it up for his senior citizen parents. They set it aside and let me be clear saying there were none on the shelves. He went into the store, paid, and carried out this large pack of toilet paper. He said at least two people asked him where he got it from, he felt the need to run back to his vehicle, and he was rather frightened for his life. I know and love this person, so to hear this story of fear being instilled in him from the threat of these times, it’s so dis-heartening and sad to me. 

But, we have to believe (even without seeing) that moments like this will diminish, and things will improve for each individual. Small business owners have to keep the faith knowing that this too will pass, and I pray their community gravitates towards them when this is all said and done, so that way, they can continue to service their local communities. There will be a post to come addressing the issues facing small, local business, stay tuned!

In the meantime, don’t forget to set your goals, and remain motivated, and positive. Exercising faith during this pandemic can look very different for one person to the next; how a person exercises faith will be dependant on their personal beliefs, values and views. Nonetheless, however you do it, just do it. Some examples of how people will exercise faith within their life are:

Connecting close and spiritually with the outdoors and nature

Regularly scheduled prayers

Bible studies through video chat

Listening to uplifting hymns

Being a devoted servant and helping those in need during this pandemic

Checking in on your church family and the elders in your family and community

Sending positive, uplifting messages to people through social media, email and snail mail

So, Canada (and everyone), remember to do these sort of things, stay motivated, positive and put faith into action, for we are the true north, strong and free!









Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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