Far from Silent

June. 2nd, 2020 was dubbed ‘Black out Tuesday’ as a part of the Black lives matter movement. I posted a black out picture to support this motive, but I would like to clarify something since I haven’t posted anything since. I do not want anyone mistaking my lack of posting since June. 2nd for being silenced – because that is not the case. Through other social media, I have been posting and sharing anti-racism posts, educational resources about indigenous and black history and present, posts that support the black lives matter movement and posts that disregard those saying all lives matter. A fire in me was most certainly ignited. I feel the need to be a part of this, and not just on the sidelines. All communities of colour have faced cultural and racial discrimination, and I really hope some day I live in a world where that is of the past, and not the present, and history is not repeating itself. Indigenous people of Canada have been silenced far too long; if you don’t even know half of the history of our indigenous communities in Canada, you have no idea the heartbreak that sits within them. Black people everywhere are held back because they’re black; they are held back from opportunity, equal access to services, equal treatment and respect. Despite all this hitting home for me, it’s important to note that part of my reason I speak of our indigenous brothers and sisters is because the level of brutality and force we saw on George Floyd is the level of hatred exercised toward our indigenous population. It is exercised by the Canadian government and Canadian people of power, such as police officers. They treat our indigenous brothers and sisters as scum to our Earth, and that’s how it’s been through history to present. So, Canada has a long way to go, especially in convincing our black, indigenous and communities of colour that they have our backs, and that it’s all okay. They have a long way to convincing us of that, and till then, we will not be silenced! 

Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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