Put the CAN in 2021

I’d say it’s safe to say most of us are glad to see the end of 2020 as 2021 is coming along fast. It’s important for us to realize that many of the things that might have added to despair in 2020 will not be going away for the New Year. We have all felt the weight or anxiety of 2020, especially though things we cannot control. In an aim to remain positive and promote better things for 2021, it’s crucial we understand we will not be able to control most of the things that hindered us throughout this year. Keep this in mind: You cannot control the virus, or new viruses that might come along. You cannot control death. You cannot control job loss, lay-offs and reduced hours. You cannot control the hate other people give. You cannot control other people’s responses and actions to the pandemic. You cannot control an economic crisis. You cannot control a lack of resources leading to greater issues. These things and so much more have allowed many of us to feel the weight of the world. These things most certainly will not disappear when the clock strikes midnight, sadly, they will be continued and carried forward. But I feel many people are viewing 2021 as just that, a version of 2020 to be continued. I’ve heard people say as long as the virus is present, the New Year will be just as bad. We really need not to have this type of thinking; positivity is what will keep us marching through 2021. That said, it’s important our focus be redirected to what we can do.

In 2021 …

We CAN choose to be kind (to ourselves and others)

We CAN choose healthier lifestyle options

We CAN better ourselves and our relationships

We CAN take up a new hobby

We CAN exercise more

We CAN be frugal, and save

We CAN improve our sex lives

We CAN educate ourselves

We CAN choose to keep in touch with family

We CAN choose to set realistic goals

We CAN spend hours outdoors

We CAN obtain basic mental health support

We CAN give ourselves a break from the media

We CAN give ourselves a break from other people

We CAN attempt to find new ways to socialize

We CAN choose positive words and actions

We CAN use this time to provide the most support, love and knowledge to our children

We CAN choose to a be a cushion supporting others

We CAN redirect our conversations away from from COVID-19

We CAN make safe choices

We CAN choose to indulge in books through print, audio or electronically

We CAN maximize family time at home

We CAN establish a routine

We CAN choose to break bad habits

We CAN limit screen-time at home

We CAN reconnect with faith, religion and spiritual practices

We CAN choose to ask for help

We CAN celebrate even the tiniest of achievements

We CAN make the most of each day


Published by Leah Finlay

Poet, Child Advocate, T.V Watching Bookworm, Nature Loving Foodie, Travel Loving, Horse & Dog Enthusiast, Canadian Creative Writer

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