How I believe in Woman Liberation

There is nothing better than witnessing women who are working together – and standing by each other for a common purpose. Women today (in 2017) should be liberated in business, marriage, motherhood, medicine and all quarters of our life.  Women should be the fuel for a fire of liberation in all these areas, and cross paths to eliminateContinue reading “How I believe in Woman Liberation”

What is wrong with the world!!??

Whatever happened to the days that food was real food? And our children could play safely on the streets? Whatever happened to the days where mankind was grateful to live off the land, and executed the meaning of hard work? Whatever happened to the days where families prayed together, ate together and worked together? I’mContinue reading “What is wrong with the world!!??”

Oh God, Sometimes I really can’t stand people!

You know those moments ….while you’re working at the McDonald’s or local motel, and you look tired and a guest, client or customer notices…and thanks you for your hard work. Deep down, you don’t want this person to think you are a broke ass individual working for not much more than minimum wage, because youContinue reading “Oh God, Sometimes I really can’t stand people!”