Crumpling The Cable Bill

Month by month, the major leading cable companies increase their prices, promo and additional fees. I would say majority of people with a cable setup have a bundle with internet or phone service, or both. However, with landlines phasing out, and a larger variety of home internet providers and options – many are choosing to cut their cable services. This is with no surprise, but as more people leave these businesses, they seem to be putting their rates up for the customers that are staying, and how is that fair? If you have a quality cable provider, you can do things at your leisure like pause Hockey Night in Canada, without having to worry about missing any game play. You can record the latest episode of Seeking Sister Wife and watch it before bed. You can access digital or satellite music stations, and unique children’s and fitness apps. These are all excellent features of cable, and there’s more, but it has become a turn off to many as the cable costs continue to rise. If you are one of those people on the fence of deciding whether or not to cancel your service, it would be good to explore the alternative options you have.

There are numerous ways to illegally stream movies, and your favourite television programming, and these sometimes work very well, but only for a short time. Illegal streaming is great as a solution when you have no other source, however sometimes streams can be spotty, or freeze, or may not even contain the entire program. These are the risks you take with illegal downloads and streaming, as quality may not always be there.

First thing you’ll want to invest in is an HD antenna or two – these can be found from your local Wal-mart, electronics store or Amazon. They range from a modest $25 to hundreds, but honestly they all seem to work the same, with the same goal in mind: to access your local channels, with a clear, digital picture. That said, I wouldn’t spent a fortune on one of these things if I were you. You will only be able to get 2-6 channels probably but keep in mind it is better than nothing and view this as your “essentials” solution. “Essentials” meaning you’ll be able to access the local news, programming and weather – and this is especially good for someone that prefers to keep up to date with current events.

Next, if you have a tablet, or laptop – figure out how you can tap into the convenience of various network’s on-demand and online streaming. CTV and ABC are two networks that offer this, and I’m sure many others do as well. So this means, give it a day or two and you can view the latest episode of This is Us online!

The next thing is… Netflix. Many people hate on Netflix, and I wish they wouldn’t! To be honest, Netflix is clear and concise to use, offers a variety of languages and impaired hearing programming, and has become compatible with just about any smart device. While I will agree there is a huge difference between U.K, Canadian and American Netflix, I certainly don’t believe this is a reason to bash Netflix. Netflix offers both TV series and movies, for young children, youth and adults. Netflix also has its own original programming, you can browse through these movies and series, claimed as Netflix Originals. Netflix originals have been edgy, attractive and entertaining ever since their beginning of time, and the Netflix original Birdbox not only starred the stunning Sandra Bullock, but also became a viral social media conversation, and went on to win 2 awards, and numerous nominations. Stay tuned for my piece on Netflix recommendations, coming soon!

Lastly, maybe it would be a good time to go back in time, or get a little old-fashioned. Do your children even know what a VCR is? Perhaps, find one and introduce them to it; a great place to find VCR and VHS tapes is your local thrift shop. Utilize the box sets of TV shows you have, perhaps you are one of those people that have all the DVD sets of Little House on the Prairie, or The Waltons sitting around, well dig them out, and get watching them. If you are canceling your cable services, there is no reason why you can’t utilize all those dusty VHS and DVD tapes you have sitting around. You never know, it could be more fun than you imagine or bring back fond memories!

If you are having problems justifying or validating your decision to cut your cable, look at your savings if you were to do it. Let’s say you save even a hundred dollars – a hundred dollars could be a husband and wife’s date night, or a hundred dollars could be stashed away, and quickly add up for your dream vacation. You never know, eh?

A Corrie Discussion

It’s clear there are numerous topics within the media and news we can chat about, and while that is intriguing, let’s not. For all my Corrie fans out there, let’s talk about some of the latest happenings of (the non-U.K airings of) our favourite street!

Roy and Carla Drama

We all know that Roy Cropper and Carla have a very close, special relationship, especially thereafter the passing of his late wife, Hayley. That said, when Carla discovered Roy was technically the cause of the fire through the CCTV, it would only be natural she try to protect him. How do you feel about Carla’s decision to withhold the information from Roy? And are you shocked Peter came around to believing this scenario? Roy was sleep walking at the time when he went to go rest by the boat, and unaware of his surroundings. As he went to go leave, he knocked over the lantern that those unruly teenagers did not ensure was out. They left, and the lantern still had a bit of life, and Simon Barlow remained inside the lower deck of the boat. When Roy got up to wander back home, he knocked it over, thus creating a spark and flame, and leading to the boat being encased in fire, with Simon in it. Simon was unaware and listening to music via ear buds, and Roy was unaware as he was sleep walking and has no recollection of this. Peter Barlow, the owner of this boat and father of Simon, has been seeing Abby, after she is now out of prison, both she and Sally are no longer locked up. Ironically, the boat was a gift from his ex, Carla, that of whom is still hung up on him. Many were leaning towards blaming Carla for the fire due to her evident jealously as Abby and Peter were getting along well. They were well until their recent disagreements and rows, when Peter has insinuated/stated Abby meant nothing to him. Then shortly after, the fire happened, and Abby was blamed, many assuming she was behind it.

What if this or that happened?

Do we think Carla’s decision to erase the CCTV was done out of a stress response like she says? Or, do we think it was to pin the fire as an arson, with Abby to blame? Or did she do it solely to protect Roy? While I understand the motive to protect Roy, I do think it was a bit pig-headed to delete the only true evidence, as there were no by-standers and witnesses. Peter Barlow asked her if she would have done the same, had Simon not survived. What do we think? I’d like to think the whole situation would have been handled differently had Simon Barlow died. However, it may have not been, and she may have gone to further extremes to protect Roy, since she cares so much about him. If the fire had been worse, and destroyed Underworld, how do you think this would have played out? Underworld is in immediate need of a new roof, however the factory itself was not destroyed by the fire, neither was The Cabin – and I had a moment where I thought these both might be destroyed. 

Roy’s Guilt

Roy’s recent loss of his mother, and having to handle her affairs and sort her personal belongings has taken a toll on him, as it would anyone. This has prevented him from sleeping well, and it may have possibly induced sleep walking, in addition to the insomnia. I think the guilt that Roy feels, and feels the need to tell others and be reprehended for his actions – I think it stems from embarrassment. I do believe deep down he is concerned about his sleeping troubles even though he won’t seek help. Do you think Roy should seek help? If so, should Toyah be the one to assist him? I’m slightly concerned that Roy may be loosing his marbles! Anyone else think so? His forgetfulness and confusion may not all be from a lack of rest and sleep, it may be something much greater. 

There’s something about Mary!

We all know that Mary Cole from the flower shop is a rather eccentric lady! Some of you probably could not put up with Mary on a daily basis, it sure would test me, but I think I could! She’s very sweet and full of personality and missing her grandson at the moment; helping out with Ruby has been a way to not only distract her, but also serve a purpose with her maternal skills. She has been cleaning the home of Tyrone and Ruby, and preparing them delicious meals, picking up Ruby from school – carrying out all these duties that she once enjoyed doing so for George. Was it wrong of Tyrone to jump to conclusions that Mary was attracted to him, and that’s why she was doing all these things? It is no surprise that Tyrone’s mind would go there, like many men – Tyrone seems to think this of many people, and has acted on it many times, sleeping with many. Don’t get me wrong, Tyrone is a nice, hard working, fine-looking chap – but his words to Mary were:

“I like you…but just as a friend”

Perhaps Tyrone is a bit too full of himself, thinking every other woman would be fancying him. Mary’s words to him were:

“You arrogant ape! I was merely carrying out my great duties of home and childcare.”

Well, I think Mary said it best.

Bethany Platt Comforting Amy

I don’t have too much to say about this except: Does anyone else find it odd that Bethany Platt would be offering to go to the abortion clinic or comfort Amy Barlow at this time? Does anyone not remember many moons ago when Sarah-Lou was in Amy’s position? She didn’t abort Bethany, and since her and Bethany have certainly had their ups and downs, but Bethany is here, and remains a part of the Platt family. On a side note, what do we all think of Steve and Tracy’s parenting skills? Amy has really become one of those teenagers that can pull one over on her parents, and manipulate them in almost any direction. It’s a shame, because in real life, there are many teens that are puppet masters on the daily. 

Well, that’s all for now, continue watching Corrie, and please continue to follow my posts, thanks for reading, and give your strong Corrie opinions in the comment section!